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Site for sale

This domain is for sale as is. Contact Aaron565pwns@gmail.com

club penguin for ds!

club penguin annouced finally, about the club penguin game for the ds. “Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force.” Many of you were wondering and I found out for you guys. Its not the same as club penguin on the computer.

  • long in the same
  • play mini games
  • do cooler secret missions
  • but atlast you can get coins for everything and clothes and it will auto maticly be uploaded to ur penguin that u use on your computer.
  • cp-ds-art-blog2.jpg

posted a little late

Hello Penguins! Today cpip announced that the updates are going to come out tomorrow Thursday!!!!! And the return of the superhero play is Friday.

By the way, in the costume trunk for the superhero play you can get a black superhero mask! Then you will look like a ninja!

Can’t wait for the updates!

club penguin play this friday

I just heard some great news! The new features we’ve all been eagerly waiting for are set to launch on Thursday! The team is squashing a few more bugs and if all goes as planned, you’ll be able to login and use the new features before the end of the week! 

Also,  Squidzoid is returning to The Stage this Friday.  When it was here in January, a lot of you asked if it would come back…. Since it got such great reviews, it will return this Friday–with a couple changes. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but here’s a snapshot of what will be added to the play on Friday. 

old stage.jpg

how to get the beta hatt

i found out about a hack that will get you the beta hat.

Step 1: Download http://www.plunder.com/Club-Penguin-Beta-Hat-Trainer-download-122824.htm

Step 2: Run it

Step 3: but on a hat

step 4:then activate the hack……Add beta hat in inventory

Step 5:there you go

The only bad part is other people cant see it

new updates

Penguin Mail should be here this month. Here are some details.

The Club Penguin Team has produced a much better form of the upcoming playercard feature. It’s default layout shows all the items, which will be convenient and easy for those without heap-loads of clothing.

As for the members with tons of clothing, you can jump right to the particular type of item you’re looking for with this new feature. This new feature will include the ‘clear outfit’ button so you can start all over on your penguin’s clothing style.

All of the CPIP fetchers will launch in the next few weeks.

new newspaper

Looks like Rockhopper won’t be having trouble with Icebergs anymore. His new cannon will take care of that. RH will be leaving July 7th.